Joseph Nahmad

  • Joseph Nahmad

  • Joseph Nahmad - FIAC General Sector - Selection committee

    Founder of Nahmad Contemporary, New York

    Joe Nahmad founded Nahmad Contemporary, New York, in 2013. His program is dedicated to the presentation of innovative, historically focused exhibitions, specializing in leading Contemporary artists who rose to prominence during the 1980s, and a selection of Modern masters from the 20th century.

    The scope of Nahmad Contemporary’s program includes exhibitions that historicize contemporary artists by illuminating a distinct series, medium, or focus within their oeuvre. The gallery frequently presents the more challenging, rebellious bodies of works by artists in high-market demand, such as Richard Prince’s monochromatic joke paintings, Rudolf Stingel’s Styrofoam and Celotex series, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s textcentric paintings, and Albert Oehlen’s series of gray works.

    Additionally, Nahmad Contemporary features Modern masters with the aim to inspire contemporary perspectives on particular works from their canon, presenting artists such as Joan Miro and Sigmar Polke. Further pivotal to the program are the thematic shows that feature a vibrant selection of artists in dialogue across generations and geographical spheres such as Les Fleurs du Mal and Poetics of the Gesture: Schiele, Twombly, Basquiat.

    (texte en français à venir)

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