Sylvie Fleury

  • Sylvie Fleury

  • Sylvie Fleury - Hors les Murs

    Mushroom Autowave Rich-Gold Petzold silber F14, 2008

    Fiberglass, metallic car paint
    260 x 250 cm

    Almine Rech, Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Shanghai

    Born in 1961 in Geneva, Sylvie Fleury develops a body of work which subverts fashion, luxury, and glamour, and notably reappropriates iconic works from the history of art including Piet Mondrian, Donald Judd and Jackson Pollock as well as popular consumer objects. Mushroom Autowave Rich-Gold Petzold silber F14 (2008) belongs to the series of Mushrooms created by Sylvie Fleury from 2003 onwards. Coated in metallic automobile paint, these oversized mushrooms transport us into a dreamlike world that shifts codes. The gilded, iridescent paint contributes to the principle of customisation that we find in the artist’s work: the mushroom is coated in luxurious make-up, becoming an object of desire.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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