Moataz Nasr

  • Moataz Nasr

  • Moataz Nasr - Hors les Murs

    Sun Boat, 2018

    Wood, metal and ropes
    3,5 x 10 m

    GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano/ Beijing/ Les Moulins/ Habana

    Moataz Nasr was born in 1961 in Alexandria, Egypt. He lives and works in Cairo. The work Sun Boat is composed 350 bread spatulas/paddles attached together. This infinite cercle illustrates the perpetual movements of humanity. Visually alluding to immigration crises and continuous human displacements. He explains: “The inhabitants of ancient Egypt emigrated from this life towards eternal life with the aid of solar barges and large paddles. In this work, I visualise the essence of this human movement with the aid of bread spatulas, which, as it happens, are almost identical in form to paddles.”

    Photo: Marc Domage

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