Henk Visch

  • Henk Visch

  • Henk  Visch - Hors les Murs

    Du livre du matin, 2018

    220 x 120 x 140 cm

    Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

    Henk Visch was born in 1950 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He lives and works in Berlin. “The sculpture of a world at war: The figure falls, gets back up and finds himself in the midst of a certain kind of obscure void. The details are not very pronounced; the feet, the earth, the body, and the face turn upwards. The lack of details makes the distance implicit: the little face up there, like a Japanese kite, gives him the air of a solitary dreamer – despite his energetic entourage – lurking and grave. The present is his natural habitat, the colour of the morning envelopes him like the dawn. A survival instinct guides his behaviour, or rather, his thoughts, an awareness that the drama of existence in which he plays an important role, as a human among his equals, might crush him at any moment. Does he fight to save himself? Not necessarily, he exists and the world is at war.” Henk Visch

    Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp
    photo: Studio Henk Visch


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