• César

  • César - Hors les Murs

    Pouce, 1998-2019

    350 x 197 x 142 cm

    Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels

    Cesar was born in 1921 in Marseille and died in 1998 in Paris. From 1963, he worked on the possibilities of casting body imprints. Inspired by the pantograph (an instrument traditionally used to enlarge a sculpture while respecting the detail of its surfaces and proportions), he took advantage of the possibilities offered by this tool. Le Pouce is a fragment of reality; it is the sculptor’s thumb, a symbol of his practice and of manual labor. Cesar played on radical shifts of scale, lending the dimensions of a monument to this small anatomical fragment. This sculptural invention gave rise to a strange family of body molds including fists, hands, and breasts, all variations on different scales and in different materials. Le Pouce by Cesar is an iconic work, present in numerous institutional collections and public spaces across the globe.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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