Hôtel de Choudens / 21 Blanche

  • Jean Prouvé

  • Jean Prouvé - Hors les Murs

    Station service Total, 1969

    Galvanised sheet metal, polyester and glass
    H 3 x Ø 10 m
    Hôtel de Choudens, 21 rue Blanche, 75009 Paris

    Galerie Clément Civindino, Perpignan in collaboration with Serge Binotto and Arthur Benzaquen

    In 1969, Total launched a policy of industrialised renovations of its major motorway service stations as well as its smaller service stations. They commissioned Jean Prouvé who, on this occasion, designed the only round structure of his career. This rare building centres on a radiating framework in galvanised sheet metal, resting on a central shaft (1 m 51) with peripheral posts. The facade comprises thirteen polyester and glass panels (4 m 23 x 2 m 37 cm). Its diameter spans ten metres. In collaboration with the architect Serge Binotto (Jean Prouvé’s longterm collaborator) and Clément Civindino, the Station Service Total is installed in the garden of the meticulously restored Hôtel de Choudens. Industrial knowhow and the purity of Jean Prouvé’s architectural vision are juxtaposed with that of Charles Giraud (one of the four architects of the Grand Palais, the architect of the Petit Palais, as well as the Hôtel de Choudens), his Art Nouveau facades and taste for the technical prowess of the late nineteenth century. Perfectly renovated, this architecture fits perfectly into the site, responding to the symmetry of the Hôtel and its rotunda.

    Clément Cividino / Arthur Benzaquen.