Seung-Taek Lee

  • Seung-Taek Lee

  • Seung-Taek Lee

    Sound of Wind, late 1970s

    Dimensions variable
    Hyundai, Seoul

    Seung-taek Lee was born in 1932 in North Korea.

    His oeuvre can be described in one word: resistance; an experiment rejecting existing orders and ideas in order to expand the definition of sculpture. Deeply interested in tradition, and working at the periphery of the mainstream Korean art scene throughout the 1960s and 1970s, he developed a unique vocabulary of non-finite forms, giving them a transient nature that is now recognized as particularly significant. Negation, dematerialization and non-sculpture are keywords in understanding his oeuvre.

    In this re-enactment of Sound of Wind, created in the late 1970s, Seung-taek Lee uses red, blue, and silver vinyl strips as sculptural mediums responding to breezes, allowing the spectator both to visualize and to hear the wind. This series is one of the few works which likewise embodies a trace of Seung-taek Lee’s work in the field of performance, and it is therefore extremely noteworthy.

    Courtesy the artist and Gallery Hyundai
  • 2017 | On Site

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