Richard Nonas

  • Richard Nonas

  • Richard Nonas

    COL; the place between, 2017

    Une installation spécifiquement conçue pour le site composée de deux lignes courbes de soixante-dix-sept poutres en bois
    50 cm × 71 m × 30 m
    Fergus McCaffrey, New York

    Richard Nonas was born in 1936, in New York where he lives and works.

    “A clogged and formal place. A tight urban world wrapped in history, cut by long lines of intersecting wooden beams. —Lines that mark both the strong emotional edge of a ceremonial place and also the raw edge and necessarily downward slope of its complex meaning, its dirt-floor shift-and-slide back to old political ground, ongoing tension and ancient skew. For sculpture is that spatial gap-between, that Col between mountain peaks. Sculpture is that implied absence, that almostclarity about not-quite-confusion. Sculpture is that dissonance. —The dissonance, I mean, of intersecting and conflicting chunks of human meaning cut into an historicized world. —The dissonance, that is to say, of art.” – Richard Nonas.

    © Richard Nonas Photo credit Jan Meissner
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