Peter Buggenhout

  • Peter Buggenhout


    The Blind leading the Blind #44, 2011

    Iron, plastic, cloth, cardboard, wood, polystyrene covered with domestic dust
    125 × 109 × 216 cm

    The Blind leading the Blind #45, 2011

    Iron, polystyrene, polyurethan foam, polyester, cloth, cardboard, wood, dust
    125 × 160 × 202 cm

    Laurent Godin, Paris; Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf, Berlin

    Peter Buggenhout was born in 1963 in Dendermonde, in Belgium. He lives and works in Gand.

    The artist works with what he describes as abject material: everyday objects detached from their original context and then reused.
    The sculptures The Blind Leading the Blind are clusters of recuperated materials, carefully composed and then covered with dust.
    The use of thick layers of densely compressed dust creates an impression of saturation, a kind of suffocation and an absence of markers, revealing unfathomable and indeterminate forms akin to abandoned wrecks or post-apocalyptic urban wastelands. As an echo to the Parable of the blind of Brueghel the Elder (1568), these artworks are manifestos of the artist’s work and his will to express the complexity and strangeness of the surrounding world.

    © Aurélien Mole
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