Françoise Petrovitch

  • Françoise Petrovitch


    Île, 2017

    Bronze, zinc pond and aquatic plants
    95 cm de hauteur, 130 cm de diamètre
    Semiose, Paris

    Françoise Pétrovitch was born in 1964 in Chambéry, France. She lives and works in Cachan.

    Île forms a miniature garden, a place at the same time ordered yet disorderly, which changes in unpredictable ways in contact with living, organic matter and according to the inclination of the vegetation and the passage of the seasons.

    Over the last few years, Françoise Pétrovitch’s drawings have migrated into her sculptures. Even if her figures take shape within the reality of the third dimension, they nevertheless retain their full graphic potential and all the traces of the dream-like world they were born into. Françoise Pétrovitch has always displayed a great liking for gardens, which she sees as oeuvres.

    Courtesy Semiose galerie, Paris. (c) A. Mole
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