Anna Fasshauer

  • Anna Fasshauer

  • © Anna Fasshauer

    Crusz, 2017

    Aluminum, car paint
    Various dimensions

    Mighty Carlo, 2017

    Aluminum, car paint
    Various dimensions

    Nagel Draxler, Berlin, Köln

    Anna Fasshauer was born in 1975 in Köln. She lives and works in Berlin.

    Very few contemporary artists master both the medium (which she works with her own hands) and the full extent of the production process as thoroughly as she. The sculptures evolve in real time as the material is manipulated by the artist. The physicality of her working method appears subversive in the all- consuming maelstrom of neoliberal efficiency and maximum profitability.

    “If there’s anything the last quarter century has made evident for art, it’s that objecthood was never a subject that could be left behind. Where one might say that theoretical discourse on the subject certainly waned in the last decade before the new millennium, it’s become pertinent today to recognize the role novel interpretations of the object are having on contemporary art practices. And perhaps as a result of such an abundance of novel theory, the art object remains as inexhaustible and baffling as ever.” Marc Leblanc in “On Anna Fasshauer”.

    Courtesy the artist and Galerie Nagel Draxler, BerlinCologne
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