• Several questions for Alessandro Pasotti and Fabrizio Padovani

    How has the role of galleries changed in the last decade?
    The activities that happen inside the gallery are still important, but what has changed is they are no longer sufficient on their own. It has become increasingly important to go out, to take part in national and international fairs, to help more people get to know the work of the artists you represent.

    What is the most challenging part of running a gallery?
    To be able to make artists known on an international level, both in terms of collecting and in terms of institutional exhibitions.

    Why did you decide to open a gallery in Bologna?
    Bologna is our hometown and our wish is to empower the cultural scene here and, hopefully, to promote our city abroad. In 2019, with globalization and all of the possibilities we have to travel and meet people, it is no longer necessary to have a gallery in a metropolis.

    How would you describe the relationship between your gallery and the artists you represent?
    We always try to have a relationship that is human as well as professional. This is also because the work of an artist is often linked to a biographical aspect, and the artists with whom we work are truly very special.

    What is your best memory of FIAC?
    There are many good memories about FIAC. For sure the first one is our first FIAC participation with a solo show by Irma Blank focusing on Trascrizioni, the series Irma did from 1973 to 1979; the second one is when Bernard Blistène visited our booth with the Center Pompidou board, and he introduced to them the work of Paolo Icaro.

    Can you recommend cool hidden places in Bologna?
    In Bologna there are a number of cool hidden places; though it is small, it is an amazing city. We recommend a visit to Il Compianto del Cristo Morto by Nicolò dell’Arca in Santa Maria della Vita, on one of the narrow streets close by Piazza Maggiore and Casa Morandi, where Giorgio Morandi lived and worked.

    What is your favourite place for lunch near your gallery?
    Da Pietro, a good restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Bolognese cuisine.

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