Max Hetzler

  • GALLERY FOCUS: Max Hetzler

  • Several questions for Max Hetzler and Samia Saouma

    How has the role of galleries changed in the last decade?
    For sure competition is more tough.

    What is the most challenging part of running a gallery?
    To remain close to the artists, curators and collectors you have been working with.

    How would you describe the relationship between your gallery and the artists you represent?
    We always put a strong emphasis on our relationship with every artist. We have been working for decades with quite a few and look forward to continuing to do so.

    What is the funniest thing that happened to you at an art fair/in your gallery?
    Some comments coming from children are always welcome and often quite funny.

    What your first FIAC like?
    There is now a huge expansion of galleries, collectors, private museums… Our first was maybe as good as the following ones as we do not remember anything special…

    Continue the phrase “FIAC is…”
    FIAC is unique. No venue can beat the Grand Palais and the organizers are truly fair to everyone.

    What is your favorite place for lunch near the gallery in Paris?
    Near our Paris gallery we are so lucky to have Claude Colliot, an amazing chef.

    Can you recommend cool hidden places in Paris?
    Cool places are usually not so hidden…Maybe Liza a Lebanese restaurant on rue de la Banque or Hôtel Thoumieux on rue St Dominique.

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