• Several questions for Isabella Ritter and Katharina Schendl

    What is the most challenging part of running a gallery?
    Surviving. It’s a very complex business. Since there are so many irregularities one cannot rely on structures that are taken for granted in any “normal” business. A big challenge is that most people who are buying art regard it as their leisure and hence are not aware that for the gallery and the artist it’s actually a business that they need to live from.

    How would you describe the relationship between your gallery and the artists you represent?
    We would say that our relationship goes far beyond selling the artists' works. The artists and the gallery and the artists among eachother are growing together hence we are experiencing the same challenges in having to establish the artists positions but also the one of the gallery.

    Why did you decide to open a gallery in Prishtina?
    We fell in love with the youth and vibrancy of the city. Everything is different, giving prosperous ground to develop something interesting. Also we found that there were very interesting artists in Prishtina that weren’t present in the international art-landscape. We wanted to change that.

    What is your best memory of FIAC?
    The first year we were featured in a NY times article which even made the Kosovo ambassador to France come to our booth and celebrate with us with a bottle of champagne.

    What was your first FIAC like?
    It was very exciting since it was the first big established art fair we were taking part in. It felt great to be under the same roof with all these galleries that we admire.

    What is the funniest thing that happened to you at an art fair/in your gallery?
    A constant amusement is people coming to our booth in various art fairs and repeating Lambada (instead of Lambda) three times.

    Can you recommend cool hidden places in Prishtina?
    There are many discoveries to make in Prishtina. We recommend Renaissance Restaurant (a real gem- it is run by two brothers who source everything locally and organic) ; our friend Venera Mustafa who is a brilliant fashion designer and Kino Armata (they organize all sort of different cultural events).

    What is your favorite place for lunch near your gallery?
    Definitely Babaganoush, run by an artist couple, Nukibana Nanuki and Vigan Nimani. It is literally an extension of our gallery space, since we are door to door neighbours. Shhhh–Secret: they hold an extra key to our gallery if someone wants to visit outside of opening hours.

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