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  • Several questions for Yasmin Atassi

    Introduce yourself:
    Yasmin Atassi, Director of Green Art Gallery in Dubai, a contemporary art gallery that represents artists from ME, South Asia , Latin America and beyond.

    Which event has been the most crucial since you opened your gallery?
    I don’t think there is one single moment. The accumulation and work over the years has allowed our artists to be seen in major museums around the world in addition to forming some wonderful longstanding relationships with collectors.

    How do you choose artists you represent?
    Lots and lots of research and seeing exhibitions biennales etc. I always look for research and sincerity in the practice. We also need to get along really well it’s like a marriage after all!

    Why did you decide to open a gallery in Dubai?
    Green Art gallery version 1.0 was set up in Dubai in 1995. I always wanted to stay in Dubai as I think it’s a very interesting melting pot and crossroads across Asia and Europe.

    Continue the sentence “FIAC is…”
    Where we always try to present interesting dialogues between 2 artists of our program, making FIAC their first collaboration. This year we will show a wonderful dialogue between artists Seher Shah and Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Last year we showed an older Lebanese sculptor Chaouki Choukini with young Brazilian sculptor Ana Mazzei.

    Can you recommend cool hidden places in Dubai?
    21 Grams is a small Balkans bistro that I love. I also love seaview in Jumeirah a small simple resto where you eat fresh seafood straight from the fishermen and finally Ustadi for great Iranian kebabs!

    What was your fist FIAC like?
    It was wonderful and so proud to represent the region there. It was and still continues to be an important week for the gallery, where we formed great relationships in Paris both with collectors and curators.

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