Campoli Presti

  • GALLERY FOCUS: Campoli Presti

  • Several questions for Emanuela Campoli and Gil Presti

    Introduce yourself:
    Campoli Presti is an art gallery operating in London and Paris. Our galleries are located at 223 Cambridge Heath Road in London and the historical Hôtel de Lagrange in rue de Braque in Paris. While exploring the historical and material condition of their medium, the gallery artists share an ongoing critical engagement with modes of display, notions of authorship, the economy of the digital and the body as ground of experience. The program is continuously evolving into new directions, engaging in various forms of interdisciplinary practices, particularly those which explore conventionally non-artistic mediums.

    Which event has been the most crucial since you opened your gallery?
    The most crucial moment is when we do studio visits. It motivates us to continue our research and open up to artists that challenge us or even prove us wrong. It allows us to keep our enthusiasm and compensate for other difficulties in our profession.

    How do you choose artists you represent?
    I don’t think there are fixed criteria. Our ideas are evolving permanently. The gallery is particularly receptive to artists that are highly critical and have built a personal set of historical and artistic references, unique to their path. But we also let intuition play a great role: sometimes, by looking at a single work, we know that there is something worth pursuing.

    Continue the sentence “FIAC is…
    a unique art fair, due to its geographical position and cultural history. Paris has been the origin of transnational exhibitions and the Grand Palais the home of the “expositions universelles”. It allows us to bring the history of exhibitions into contemporary terms.

    What are your favorite places in Paris? In London?
    In Paris, the Librairie Alain Brieux is a true cabinet de curiosités with an extraordinary selection of objects and rare science and medicine books. Also, for an Italian abroad, it is essential to have a place like Pastificio Passerini, to buy homemade fresh pasta.
    In London, Victoria Park village, which has kept its village feel.

    Can you recommend cool hidden places in Paris? In London?
    We prefer they remain hidden!

    Why did you decide to open a gallery?
    The idea started from the relationship we had developed with a group of artists that we continue to represent until today. We wanted to work with another level of commitment. Ultimately the relationship between the gallery and its artists has been the main pillar for us. It takes time and trust to develop, but the result is visible.

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