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    GUANXI IV, 2011

    Stainless steel
    220 x 220 x 220 cm

    Baronian Xippas, Brussels

    Avenue Winston Churchill

    Born in 1951 in Brazil, Saint Clair Cemin lives and works in Beijing, Paris and New York. « For many years I had a studio in Beijing where I made my Guanxi series. In Chinese “guanxi” means “personal connections” and loosely translates as “circles of friendly and business relationships” or “social networks”. Although the term is intrinsically linked to Chinese culture, the concept of “guanxi” is universal. Guanxi IV is composed of 24 stainless steel gures organized in eight clusters of three interlaced forms. The resulting three-dimensional shape is akin to an octahedron, a Platonic solid, to use mathematical jargon. The work, with its smooth and reflective surface, is anthropomorphic and the 24 components bear some resemblance to newborns. Guanxi IV evokes the community spirit, mutual help and support systems which arise within groups of people. It also alludes to a general sense of solidarity and interdependence between individuals. » - Saint Clair Cemin.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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