Javier Pérez

  • Javier Pérez

  • Javier Pérez - Projects

    Vida latente, 2016

    302 x 136 x 140 cm

    Galerie Papillon, Paris

    Petit Palais

    Javier Pérez was born in 1968 in Bilbao. He lives and works in Barcelona. Everything in his work appears to question the ambiguity of forms immersed in a perpetual and fantastical transformation, fluctuating between plant, animal, and human. A surprising sentiment grows in the spectator contemplating Vida latente. This bronze sculpture takes the form of an uprooted tree. Death is evoked; each limb is torn off, and the charred and cracked bark has become as hard as stone. Yet life re-emerges, radiant, in the form of hearts at the end of branches. The flecks of gold decorating them accentuate the contrast between the living and the inert.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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