Francoise Petrovich


  • Françoise Pétrovitch - Projects

    Sentinelle, 2015
    Jane, 2017
    Garçon à la poupée, 2019

    Bronze, plants
    113 x 90 x 57 cm
    150 x 42 x 67 cm
    115 x 70 x 70 cm

    Semiose, Paris

    Petit Palais

    Françoise Pétrovitch was born in 1964 in Chambéry, France. She has developed a singular and powerful sculptural œuvre. With Garçon à la poupée (2019) and Sentinelle (2015), her familiar chants and lamentations which seemed to pierce torn silences, have given way to refined counterpoints, subtle intervals, inventive superimpositions, continuous shifts, autonomous and weightless planes and rapid gestures - alternatively staccato or vibrato - determining the overall equilibrium. Jane (2017) draws the spectator’s gaze towards the garden, a place for rest and relaxation. Bronze is preferred for its qualities that favor the integration of a sculpture within a natural environment, the first subliming the second.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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