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    Car Wash Project, Result Nr 3, 2016

    Fiat 500, paint
    148,6 x 156 x 354,6 cm

    LAFFANOUR - Galerie Downtown, Paris

    Avenue Winston Churchill

    Richard Jackson was born in 1939 in Sacramento (California, USA). He lives and works in Los Angeles. His work in Car Wash Project is based on the process of transformation. This is an experimental artwork in which a Fiat 500 is transformed into a work of art. Richard Jackson equipped a car wash with metal spikes and rotating metal balls, which, once activated, do not clean the car but instead attack and destroy the vehicle. In a final phase, hoses and tubes are deployed, provoking sprays of paint in red, yellow, and blue, thus drenching the white bodywork and surrounds of the work with multi-coloured splashes. This unpredictable performance is a “destruction as creation”. By destroying and modifying the appearance of the car, the artist takes aim at the most emblematic materialistic products of modernity and questions the values of our consumerist society.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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