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    Planned obsolescence, 2019

    Printer, plaster, paper, human bones, marble, foam, grass, electronical card, shell, lamp, stones, electrical card, book, camera lens, metal, plastic
    Variable dimensions

    Meessen De Clercq, Brussels

    Petit Palais

    Nicolás Lamas was born in 1980 in Lima (Peru) and works in Brussels (Belgium). Planned Obsolescence emphasises the fragility of memories, through the encounter of recent yet already obsolete photocopiers, and copies of statues from antiquity representing emblematic gures from mythology and religion. The reproduction of the written document and the will to disseminate an idea for posterity via an image and a sculpted object are brought together in a thought provoking manner. The work underlines the paradox of our times in which vast quantities of information are no longer accessible or decipherable after only a few years.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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