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    Du rocher souriant jusqu’au ciel
    un continent commence, 2019

    Volcanic rock, mirrored polished inox, sky
    Variable dimensions
    Mécénat EIffage Route
    Co-production MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain réalisée avec les compétences de Fréderic Matan, tailleur de pierre, meilleur ouvrier de France et SiCMA industrie

    Anne de Villepoix, Paris


    Born in 1979, Jean Denant lives and works in Sète. His sculpture entitled Du rocher souriant jusqu’au ciel un continent commence (“From the smiling rock to the sky, a continent begins”) is composed of three sculpted volcanic rocks, whose at cut face is fully inlaid with mirrored polished inox. The dark mass of the rock lies on the ground; its at surface, directed skywards, is reflective like a mirror. The artist initiates a discussion between land and sky, body and mind. From the weight of the rock to the lightness of air, when combined the different elements explore the relationships between nature and culture, architecture and landscape.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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