Alicja Kwade

  • Alicja Kwade

  • Alicja Kwade - Projects

    Reality Slot, 2019

    Steel, bronze
    216 x 660 x 182 cm

    kamel mennour, Paris, London

    Petit Palais

    Alicja Kwade was born in 1979 in Katowice, Poland. She lives and works in Berlin. Reality Slot, explores the themes of nature, growth and nature’s systems, featuring bronze-cast branches and roots that sprout from stainless steel tubes. The tree is systematically divided into six parts of different heights, disrupting its logical and natural order. The work creates a tunnel vision of reality and questions our limited perceptions; what we accept as reality on our limited senses. Here, the steel sections illustrate that we only perceive what’s inside this narrow tunnel. We do not know what information we’re missing apart from that, and thus the picture of our reality is not complete. The rules of nature and society we agree on are based on these limitations and logically cannot apply to anything that behaves outside our conventions. In this case, our expectations about how a tree grows, from the roots up to the treetop, are confounded. Following the idea of parallel worlds, the same object can behave and develop in many different ways and in different states of matter at the same time.

    Photo: Marc Domage

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