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    Composition, 2008

    338 × 243 × 243 cm

    Wadddington Custot

    Barry Flanagan (born 1941, Prestatyn, North Wales; died 2009, Ibiza, Spain), is one of Britain’s pre-eminent sculptors. Barry Flanagan’s monumental, bronze sculpture, Composition, presents his emblematic Nijinski hare, supported by a trio of elephants caught during their circus balancing act. The tiered arrangement and dancing hare recall Barry Flanagan’s musical background and theatricality—he was born into a family of music hall performers. The sculpture shows the artist’s ability to infuse wit with poignancy, the juxtaposition of the lightness of the hare against the weight and solidity of the elephant. An admirer of Rodin, the textural qualities of the elephants’ weathered skin and the supple limbs of the hare record the sculptor’s thumb. The anthropomorphic qualities of the mercurial hare evoke power, strength and vulnerability, a self-portrait of the artist.

    Photo: Marc Domage

Parades for FIAC 2018

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