Outdoor projections

  • Outdoor projections

    In collaboration with Athem, scenography studio, FIAC inaugurates a new exhibition space with a programme of original artworks by Will Benedict, Claude Closky and Isabelle Cornaro, projected onto the façade of the Grand Palais, every evening from 7pm onwards.

    Creating emotions with its monumental projections, Athem metamorphosizes the façade of the Grand Palais, in collaboration with the artists. The techniques of video mapping used by the artists, lend an exceptional dimension to these works on the occasion of FIAC.


    7PM TO 1AM

  • Will Benedict & Steffen Jorgensen

    SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1!, 2018

    There’s no more tuna in the tuna sandwiches.
    SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1!

    Claude Closky

    Doric Ionic Corinthian, 2018

    Doric Ionic Corinthian is a video projection specifically designed for the façade of the Grand Palais. The project consists of superimposing new and less sophisticated decorative elements – bridges, loops, waves, spirals, and so on – over the Beaux-Arts style ornaments of the building. This collage connects the problematics of a formal nature in the classical architecture to its usage and users, to the expression of power, and to the public.
    The project blurs the boundaries between architecture and movement, object and meaning, power and program. In this work, the most striking feature is the obsolescence of the forms, often rough, that seek their point of balance while accepting their mannered style. The drawing which is superimposed onto the façade is subjected to its ornamental fate: it appears with the aim of underscoring its stone counterpart.

    Isabelle Cornaro

    De l’argent filmé de profil et de trois quarts, 2010, 1m56
    Film-Lampe, 2010, 1m28
    Celebration, 2013, 5m45
    Amplifications, 2014, 2m09
    Choses, 2014, 2m06

    A series of short films shot in 16mm (representing objects observed from several points of view and modified by flickers of coloured lights) have been edited in parallel, in a quickfire, rythmic sequence that varies and falls out of sync as it progresses. Their projection as a frieze above columns highlights the architecture of the Grand Palais.

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