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• Cécile B Evans

A Screen Test for an Adaptation of Giselle

A Screen Test for an Adaptation of Giselle is a screen test for an adaptation of the ballet Giselle as an ecofeminist thriller. The original version - created in the industrial revolution - tells the story of a fragile woman betrayed to death, rising in an after life propagated by a group of so called scorned women. This adaptation is reimagined in a near-future where Giselle and her friends have moved on from a failed metropolis to her mother’s rural village to “reset society”. An invasion of their successful community sets off a contamination of their new ecosystem with old power dynamics. Giselle’s death emerges as an investigation into mutability and multiplicity as a strategy for escape.

With visuals that weave high and low resolution digital, 16mm, and VHS footage with animation, deep AI, and image upscaling, the screen test serves as a sketch for a hybridized world where multiple realities simultaneously push to the surface. At the center is the tension between the violence of essentialism and the recalcitrance of solidarity, emotions, identity, data, and nature.