Anubis first pub

1 PM

Moderated by
Jeanne Barral, curator

Lionel Bensemoun , founder of Le Consulat
Joakim Bouaziz , musician
Samuel Boutruche, artist
Stéphane de Freitas, founder of Eloquentia and of Coopérative Indigo
Lauranne Germond, founder of Coal Projects
Lucy Orta, artist

Le Consulat / Activisme esthétique ou art engagé ?

When the world goes up in smoke, there is no time left for contemplation, only action. To prompt it, people must be moved, determined and united. Artist, activists, and essayists must come together to write the scenario of a new culture in the manner of a cadavre exquis, thus shaping a collective consciousness that will define our future reality. This discussion will discuss the importance of the role of art in this transition.
Le Consulat is an ephemeral and itinerant site, advocating an art of living that is both festive and politically engaged.

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