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  • Conversation Room

  • FIAC presents a three day conference programme Conversation Room. It is a platform of exchange between artists, writers, scientists, philosophers and researchers from different horizons. The programme hosts nine conferences, moderated by representatives of organisations such as Artagon, Charles Teyssou et Pierre-Alexandre Mateos, the Fondation Cartier, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, the Centre Pompidou, the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration, Ran Dian, the Consulat and Time for the Ocean. Themes include ecology and the environment, the protection of oceans, migratory questions, the role of young artists in the construction of a cooperative European community, together with more general subjects involving contemporary creation.

    Free access subject to availability.
    Grand Palais, Conversation Room, 1st floor on the right of the grand Escalier d’honneur, 75008

  • Friday, october 18th

  • 1 pm

    In French

    Moderated by
    Thierry Grillet, writer

    Maud Baignères, filmmaker
    Fabrice Hyber, artist
    Marion Semblat, President of the association Time for the Ocean
    Romain Troublé, director of Tara Océan
    Lauranne Germond

    Time for the Ocean

    Quand l’Art et la Science se mobilisent contre la pollution plastique des océans : l’urgence est à Terre.

    In the context of the work undertaken by the association, the debate organized by Time for the Ocean’s president Marion Semblat, focuses on the relationship between Art and the Environment. Time for the Ocean has invited several experts to discuss various issues: Fabrice Hyber, visual artist, presents his work on creating value out of plastic; Romain Troublé, director of the foundation Tara Ocean, comments the situation from a scientific standpoint; on the need to mobilise politicians, scientists, and civil society to safeguard the future of the “blue planet”.
  • 3 pm

    In French

    Moderated by
    Charles Teyssou et Pierre- Alexandre Mateos, curators

    (LA)HORDE (Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel), artists
    Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel, filmmakers

    Digital Tribes

    Since 2015, the collective (LA) HORDE has sought inspiration from communities originating in virtual worlds, working with them in staged performances or in choreographed videos. Borrowing from the vocabulary of “post-internet” dance and an insurrectional aesthetic, they examine new aesthetic affinities that emerge on social networks. In 2019, the duo of artist-directors Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel made their first feature film Jessica Forever (2019) in which a gang of forsaken over-armed teens roams across a territory under heavy state surveillance. Drawing from the arts, dance, and cinema, each of them responds to the emergence of virtual counter-societies that resist the vertical and hierarchic organisation of the world. In the course of this debate, the emergence of these digital tribes, their viral strategies, and artistic bases, will be discussed.
  • 5 pm

    In English

    Moderated by
    Chris Moore, founding publisher of Ran Dian

    Heidi Ballet, curator
    Lu Xun, cofounder of Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing
    Alan Lo, cofounder of Duddell’s, Hong Kong

    Ran Dian / East and West - Collectors and Curators Cooperating

  • Saturday, october 19th

  • 1 pm

    In French

    Thomas Boutoux, curator
    Maya Schweizer, artist and film director of L’étoile de Mer, 2019
    Nicolas Floc’h, artiste
    Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanic Institute

    Fondation d’entreprise Ricard / La méditerranée comme modèle

    Sensibilités et sensibilisations artistiques et scientifiques aux crises environnementales.

    Presented by the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard as an extension of the Cinéphémère 2019 film programme - dedicated to the evolution of artists’ perspectives concerning environmental transformations and ecological disasters - this round-table discussion invites artists, researchers, and environmental activists to examine the role of the Mediterranean sea both in art, Film and scientific research, as a privileged observatory for environmental upheavals and a unique laboratory for raising awareness in favor of biodiversity.
  • 3 pm

    In French

    Laure Adler, jounalist and writer
    Fabrice Hyber, artist
    Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator and Artistic Director at the Serpentine Galleries, London

    Fondation Cartier / L’Entretien Infini

    On the occasion of the publication of the book Hans Ulrich Obrist – The Infinite Conversations (Ed. Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris), Hans Ulrich Obrist plays with the interview format, answering questions from the journalist Laure Adler, then dialoguing with artist Fabrice Hyber, who is participating in the exhibition Trees currently presented at the Fondation Cartier. This book brings together the interviews conducted by Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Fondation Cartier between 2014 and 2018 within the framework of the “Infinite Interview”, conversation marathons with artists, scientists and thinkers close to the Fondation Cartier and its programmes. The conversation is followed by a book signing on the Balcon d’Honneur.
  • 5 pm

    In French

    Moderated by
    Jean-Max Colard, curator

    Nicolas Bourriaud, director of the MoCo and curator of the biennale d’Istanbul,
    Nicolas Floc’h, artist
    Marguerite Humeau, artist

    Centre Pompidou / Le bilan carbone de la culture N3 : l’art à l’age de l’anthropocène

    As part of a cycle of talks that questions progress in the art world in terms of the environment and ecoresponsibility, the Service de Parole at the Centre Pompidou presents an artists’ talk with Marguerite Humeau and Nicolas Floc’h.
    Is it accurate to speak of an “anthropocene” art and what might constitute potential ways forward? While the environment has clearly become a major theme of many artworks today, are these questions equally present in the process of creation itself?

  • Sunday, October 20th

  • 1 PM

    Moderated by
    Jeanne Barral, curator

    Lionel Bensemoun , founder of Le Consulat
    Joakim Bouaziz , musician
    Samuel Boutruche, artist
    Stéphane de Freitas, founder of Eloquentia and of Coopérative Indigo
    Lauranne Germond, founder of Coal Projects
    Lucy Orta, artist

    Le Consulat / Activisme esthétique ou art engagé ?

    When the world goes up in smoke, there is no time left for contemplation, only action. To prompt it, people must be moved, determined and united. Artist, activists, and essayists must come together to write the scenario of a new culture in the manner of a cadavre exquis, thus shaping a collective consciousness that will define our future reality. This discussion will discuss the importance of the role of art in this transition.
    Le Consulat is an ephemeral and itinerant site, advocating an art of living that is both festive and politically engaged.
  • 3 pm

    In French

    Moderated by
    Pedro Morais, journalist and art critic

    Sebastien Gokalp, director of the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration
    Anne Lafont, art historian, research director at l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales
    Françoise Vergès, political scientist, president of the association Décoloniser les arts
    Fayçal Baghriche, artist

    Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration / Doit-on (encore) décoloniser les arts ?

    The representation of black bodies in the performing arts and in contemporary art remain the subject of strong ideological rifts, given the abundance of polemics in recent years. Some cry censorship. Others defend a certain ethic within the production and reception of artworks. Will some artists inner worlds ever be decolonized? Might reactions from racial audiences be the expression of a “prevented memory” (Paul Ricoeur) focusing on the treatment of skin colour? Like a past that never passes, slavery and colonisation continue to haunt the walls of exhibition spaces.
  • 5 pm

    In French

    Moderated by
    Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni, founders and curators of Artagon

    Bénédicte Alliot, deputy director of the Cité internationale des arts
    Christine Cadot, researcher specializing in European construction and memory, senior lecturer in political science at Université Paris 8
    Théo-Mario Coppola, curator and founder of HOTEL EUROPA
    Thomas Delamarre, curator at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, curator of the exhibition « Jeunes artistes en Europe »
    Nathalie Guiot, president and founder of Fondation Thalie
    Michèle Guyot-Roze, vice president of the Fondation Hippocrène
    Gusto Zagg, artist

    Artagon / La tête dans les étoiles : jeunes artistes et désir d’Europe.

    This conversation explores how emerging artists and stakeholders in the art world that accompany them conceive Europe. Through their projects and career trajectories, how might they propose new narratives, renewed desire and a shared identity?

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