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    • Shimabuku Pour les pieuvres, les singes et les Hommes

      14 septembre 2018 > 16 decembre 2018

      A graduate of Osaka University of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute, it is with a performance that he inaugurates his work: he shaves his left eyebrow and takes the underground in London. Since then, he explores and travels the world - by sea, land, air - as an observer or provocateur of unusual situations between living beings, especially the animals he particularly likes.

      Born in 1969 in Kobe, the second port of Japan, now living on the island of Okinawa, Shimabuku pays deep attention to water, source of life, environment for exchanges and experiments. The octopus, his travelling companion since the 1990s, has gradually become an icon of his actions. In Octopus Road Project (1991), he takes her from the Seto Inland Sea to the Sea of Japan. The story of this adventure is epic, unfortunately tragic. In 2003, he went octopus fishing off Albisola in Italy using pottery suspended from a rope, an ancestral Japanese technique. In 2006, it is to a duo of Repentistas, these improvising singers of the Brazilian Northeast, that he transmits this project, telling in their turn and in rhythm this sprawling story. Both funny and poetic, Shimabuku manages with this protean work to make us forget geographical and cultural borders. Shimabuku's work is based on a deep empathy with his environment and unfolds through simple and visual ideas. Meticulously produced and documented, his works - sculptures, writings, photographs, videos and performances, articulated together or separately - reveal the modalities of their conception and reveal the important part left to chance.

      For his exhibition at the Crédac, he seized the soil of the city discovered during his first walks in Ivory Coast. According to empirical mapping, he collects sediments gleaned here and there that he feeds like promises of potential microcosms. A film made on a beach on the Oshika peninsula responds to these islets. Stranded trunks and branches are erected in the sand, anticipating the resilience of a landscape devastated by a natural disaster.
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In Paris during FIAC

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