Rotonde de la Reine – Friday, October, 18th

  • Rotonde de la Reine – Friday, October, 18th

  • AICA France

    Rencontres Aléatoires N2


    5:30 – 7:00 pm
    After previous discussions about the critical renewal underway in recent times, the AICA-France warmly invites its members to participate in the second opus of its “RENCONTRES ALEATOIRES” cycle to discuss the relationship between critics and gallerists.

    What is the nature of the relationships do critics develop with gallerists? Why do gallerists solicit the collaboration of critics? What role do critics play in the current ecosystem of the art market? Can critics and gallerists join forces to support the French scene?

    This encounter will take the form of an exchange between critics and gallerists, in which the floor will be open to all.
  • We follow @elainealain on Instagram 👀 and you ?

    7:15 – 9:00 pm

    An editorialised Instagram account @elainealain was initiated based on artists’ ideas about promoting the dissemination of the French arts scene abroad. ElaineAlain thus takes the form of an avatar presenting different views about the artists of a scene full of vitality in a joyous collage and with energy born of encounters. International collectors, gallerists, critics, and curators share their connections with artists via editorial content that is at once critical and personal.

    Frédéric de Goldschmidt (Collector – Belgium), Suela Cennet (Galerie The Pill – Turkey) and Filipa Oliveira (Curator – Portugal) will be present, together with artists, to evoke their contribution and present the first print edition of the content published on Instagram.

    Elaine Likes #Art and International Networks and Events
    Alain Loves #Artists of #frenchartscene and International Narratives

    Cocktail from 8:15 pm, subject to availability

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