Andreas Angelidakis



    Cruising Labyrinth, 2011

    44 standard sheets of wood, painted black, with alternating types of sucking apertures (gloryholes). Men wanted
    6 × 7 m

    The Breeder, Athens
    Sur une proposition du Cruising Pavilion
    Supported by Emerige

    Like the surrealists’ cadavres exquis, the architectural practice of Andreas Angelidakis is the result of violent collisions combining various contemporary obsessions: climate upheavals, celebrity culture, and the inflation of big data. Following the creation of virtual metropolises in the late 1990s, he constructed wondrous post-modern Merzbau – Babylonian collages to the glory of the digital age – with the help of 3D printers. More recently, his work has revolved around the creation of a forum of exchange and sociability, such as that of Documenta 14. Andreas Angelidakis has devised an outdoor maze inspired by the dark labyrinths typical of an imaginary associated with gay sex clubs. Behind its minimalist and playful appearance, this installation triggers political and aesthetic questions relating to the appropriation of cities and the history of sexualities relegated to the underground.

FIAC Projects 2018