Name Amon First

Florian Pugnaire - Hors les Murs

Onde, 2017

Sheet metal
200 x 2000 x 50 cm
Ceysson & Bénétière, Paris, Luxembourg, Saint-Étienne, New York

Florian Pugnaire, born in 1980, and David Raffini, born in 1982, live and work in Nice.

Building on a 2011 work shown at the Centre d’Art Concret in Mouans-Sartoux, Côte d’Azur to create a finished, monumental version, Pugnaire & Raffinis sculpture Onde highlights the strong links between sculpture and video they actively explore. By extending the work, the artists play on chronophotographic sequencing – capturing movement in consecutive frames – specific to video. The 24 sheets of metal correspond to the 24 images comprising one second of an animated film. They are sculpturally frozen, unable to repeat themselves on a loop, suspended as in a perfect dissection of time.

© François Fernandez

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