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    Standing Form with Batteries, 2016

    180,3 x 74,9 x 77,5 cm

    Standing Form, 2016

    185,4 x 74,3 x 74,9 cm

    Skarstedt, New York, London

    George Condo was born in 1957 in Concord, USA. He lives and works in New York.

    The Standing Forms series represents a return to methods of sculpting he first explored with his earliest three-dimensional works, incorporating both figurative and abstract elements in bronze. He combines the concept of “simulated found object” using real found objects into new figurative forms in bronze. He works on plywood surfaces with angular figurative forms, applies layers of plaster, clay, paint, studio objects and discarded elements of previous sculptures, knowing that once cast in bronze all his markings will be reinvigorated in the patinated surfaces. His most recent sculptures engage the styles and history of Modernist sculptors, while maintaining the recognizable forms of figure for which the artist is widely known as a painter.

    Courtesy of the artist and Skarstedt, NY © George Condo
    Photo: Marc Domage

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