Name Amon First

Antonio Caro  - Hors les Murs

Colombia-Marlboro, 1975-2016

Printed plastic fabric
24 x 3 m
Casas Riegner, Bogotá

Antonio Caro was born in 1950 in Bogotá in Colombia, where he lives and works.

Originally presented in 1975, Colombia-Marlboro addressed themes of consumerism, imperialism and popular culture. Displaying a keen interest in advertising strategies and materials, Antonio Caro created a large sign spelling the word “Colombia”, using Marlboro cigarette boxes. Mounted on a fence, the piece brings to mind the world famous Hollywood sign while ironically referencing the exportation of U.S. style glamour and third world problematics. While retailers sold cigarettes legally, they also entered the country as contraband, thus creating an illicit and highly profitable business. Street vendors sold the boxes on every corner and cigarettes became a symbol for street children.

Courtesy of Antonio Caro and Casas Riegner

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