Name Amon First

Joao Vasco Paiva - Hors les Murs

Taman Creatures, 2017

Lava rock
180 x 75 x 75 cm
Edouard Malingue, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Joao Vasco Paiva was born in 1979 in Portugal. He lives and works between Hong Kong and Lisbon.

Tackling both the differences and the common ground between sacred art and entertainment, Taman Creatures consists of replicas of two sculptures found in the abandoned Taman Festival Park in East Bali, which closed its doors in 2000. Originally representing frogs carved out of poor materials, the statues rapidly disintegrated into a state of semi-destruction. Replicated using Batu Chandi stones, which in Bawasa means “temple stone” - a dark coloured lava rock that was initially used to build Hindu temples and shrines in the Indonesian archipelago - Paiva explores and reveals the aesthetic qualities of the modern ruin whilst building a dialogue on what remains for posterity in current society.

Courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery and the artist.
Photo : Marc Domage

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