Jean Prouvé

  • Jean Prouvé

  • Jean Prouvé - Hors les Murs

    Maison démontable

    Wood and metal
    6 x 6 m
    Patrick Seguin, Paris

    Fabricated from 1944 onwards, these pavilions are rare remnants of the post-war period. They were designed to relocate people whose homes had suffered damage from shelling in the Lorraine region. Jean Prouvé, a talented architect and builder born in Nancy, obtained a commission for emergency housing from the Ministry of Reconstruction. Genuine feats of early relocatable architecture, these pioneering structures called “baraques” were easily mounted and dismantled. Transported in detached pieces to devastated villages, they could be assembled in a day by 3 people on site, enabling the inhabitants to remain in their villages. The scarcity of materials and the priority given to permanent housing projects explains why the industrialisation of these homes never went beyond the phase of small series. In 1947, Prouvé received the Gold Medal for Reconstruction and Urban Planning.

    Courtesy Galerie Patrick Seguin. Photo : Marc Domage

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