Name Amon First

Ali Cherri- Hors les Murs

The Flying Machine, 2017

Ailes de corbeaux en taxidermie, bambou, bois, cordes
700 x 270 x 200 cm
Imane Farès, Paris

Ali Cherri was born in 1976 in Beirut, Lebanon. He lives and works in Paris. As a tribute to early attempts to fly, from Abbas Ibn Firnas to Leonardo da Vinci and the Wright brothers, The Flying Machine looks back at the dreams of these visionaries. This hybrid machine imitates the flight of birds, bringing together elements that trespass the nature/culture divide; the bamboo once a living plant becomes a construction material; the crow wings once a living organ is now pinned to the ground. The Flying Machine takes the shape of an unfinished project, a work-in-progress of a dreamer who, by observing nature, challenges the limits of our bodies and puts them in an impossible position: the human body is up in the air, defying gravity, breaking the laws - a formality of movement.

Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Imane Farès, Paris

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