Atelier van Lieshout

  • Atelier van Lieshout

  • Domestikator

    Joep van Lieshout was born in 1963. He lives and works in Rotterdam.

    In The Foundry, using purpose built machines, the Atelier Van Lieshout team brutally destroys consumer goods which are then melted and recast into simple primitive products, thus turning away from our globalized, socially bereft consumer lifestyle in a romantic reinvention of the industrial revolution. This installation is located alongside The Domestikator, inside which visitors can climb to a lookout post. This work reflects on our human efforts to domesticate and influence the natural world, imposing solutions and obstructing clear views, blurring ethical borders while certain taboos remain intact. Both works are part of Van Lieshout’s ongoing Crypto Futurism series, which touches on futurism, technology, destruction and renewal.

    Photo : Marc Domage

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