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Trisha Brown Dance Company

Sunday, October 22nd - 8.30pm

Locus Solo, 2000

Duration: 8 minutes
Performer: Marc Crousillat

Locus is a single phrase of movement upon which a larger dance of the same name was created in 1976. To make the phrase, Trisha Brown used a simple matrix of points external to her body, to which she oriented or directed her movement. “Locus is a piece of continuous action. That action is based on an ordered series of movement within a compartmentalized space… I wanted to analyze, graph the immediate space around my body in an attempt to understand my elusive movement style in order to teach it to others.” –Trisha Brown

Accumulation, 1971

Duration : 4 minutes
Original music: The Greatful Dead, Uncle John’s Band
Performer: Cecily Campbell

This witty and now-legendary solo is based on the simple device of adding one gesture to another, one at a time, and repeating the growing phrase with each new movement. Although it is not the performer’s intention to portray anyone or anything else, the dance is full of personal expression as the dancers respond to the physical action of the piece and to the audience.

Aeros, 1990

Duration: 27 minutes
Film screening with an introduction by Denise Luccioni (author and specialist of dance).
Choreography: Trisha Brown ; Set and Costumes: Robert Rauschenberg

Working at night, under the glare of automobile headlights, a man scours and restores the facade of a building in New York’s Soho district. With this visual metaphor, Barr opens Aeros, a look at the evolution of Trisha Brown’s dance work Astral Convertible. With sets and costumes by Robert Rauschenberg, the work premiered in New York in 1989 to critical acclaim. Burt Barr traced the evolving production process over a two-year period, following the company to Moscow, France (Montpellier Danse), Florida, and New York.

In collaboration with musée du Louvre.

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Address: Auditorium of the musée du Louvre, entrance under the Pyramid, 75001 Paris

Photo: Trisha Brown, Locus © Lois Greenfield

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