Name Amon First

Trisha Brown Dance Company

Saturday, October 21st - noon and 2pm

Primary Accumulation, 1972

Duration: 15 minutes
Performer: Cecily Campbell

“A supine figure generates 30 moves. The figure rotates a 90 degree turn with the completion of the phrase. The phrase is repeated until, in the last two minutes of the dance, a 360-degree turn is achieved and all sides of the dance/dancer revealed” - Trisha Brown.

Andante (M.O Excerpt), 1998

Music: Jean Sebastian Bach, Musical Offering
Duration: 5 minutes
Performer: Cecily Campbell

Andante (M.O. Excerpt) differs notably from Trisha Brown’s previous works in the intricate way it relates to musical forms. In this piece, we see the highly articulated rigor of Trisha Brown’s choreography as it meets the demands of Bach’s complex interlay of deceptively simple melodic lines. Each section of Musical Offering is approached differently, ranging from strict adherence to the structure, measure by measure, to metaphoric interpretation, interjacent activity, or direct conflict. Trisha Brown sometimes employs dancers as if they were voices. Taking structural cues from the music, she uses physical equivalents to such counterpoint techniques as retrograde, inversion, and contrary motion.

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Address: Musée de l’Orangerie, Jardin des Tuileries, 75001 Paris

Photo: Trisha Brown, Primary Accumulation © Reed Hutchinson, 2017

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