Name Amon First

Gérard & Kelly

Dilater ou contracter l’univers, 2017

Dimanche 22 octobre - 14h00
Within the framework of France-Colombia Year 2017 and under the curatorship of Mildred Durán Gamba, as part of the performance cycle “PréSsences”.

Pursuing her research focusing on geographic, cultural, and political displacement, and on intercultural relations, Constanza Camelo Suarez starts with the idea of a body, one’s own or someone else’s, (in) transit, which marks and defines her practice as “a sign of the ephemeral passage of the body in motion”. Her participatory work seeks to construct an interactive relationship of a poetic and political character. Exploring a word transcribed in large lettering has become the leitmotiv of her recent production. The word, a synthesis of emotions and social imaginaries, enables historical, sociocultural, or political wounds from a specific context to be brought out and highlighted. Establishing a pathway or generating a chance encounter of great intensity are the mechanisms that enable Constanza Camelo Suarez to establish a highly poetic real and virtual discussion and exchange.

Cour la Reine, close to the Petit Palais, 75008 Paris

Courtesy of the artist

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