Stefan Brüggeman

  • Stefan Brüggeman

  • Stefan Brüggemann. Photo : Marc Domage

    Out Door, 2016

    Chromed stainless steel
    235 x 240 x 25 cm
    Presented by Parra & Romero, Madrid | Ibiza

    Photo : Marc Domage

    Stefan Brüggemann was born in Mexico City in 1975. He lives and works between London and México D.F.

    Like a perfect reflection of the world, Stefan Brüggemann’s work enters into relation with the things that surround us. Following the precepts of Negativism, he focuses less on a romantic approach than its nihilist alternative, implying the end of myths and systems of belief.

    Out Door (2016) refers to an existential question: the need we have to find an exit, an escape valve. The sculpture works as a door without function, a door that leadsto a “non-place”. Several questions arise: Can it be used? Can it be opened? Where does it lead? Is a sculpture or an installation? Stefan Brüggemann’s intention is to confront the spectator with his own doubt, suggesting questions but - as often in his works – providing no answers.

  • 2016 | On Site

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