Mandla Reuter

  • Mandla Reuter

  • Mandla Reuter. Photo : Marc Domage

    Atlantis, 2016

    PVC coated polyester fabric, other materials
    550cm x 320cm x 320cm
    Presented by Francesca Minini, Milan & Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt

    Photo : Marc Domage

    Mandla Reuter was born 1975 in Nqutu, South Africa. He lives and works in Berlin.

    Titled Atlantis, 2016, in reference to the fictional island which falls out of favor with the Greek gods and is submerged and lost in the Atlantic Ocean, Mandla Reuter’s large-scale sculpture consists of an inflatable lift bag also known as a salvage balloon. Lift bags are primarily used by archeologists and submarine salvage teams in order to transport material from the ocean ground back to the surface. This is often man-made material which has encountered ill-fate or has been lost at sea. Poetically the function of the bag is to return to the light, that which was hidden and often forgotten.

    The artist’s version liberates the lift bag from its intended use, lending it the appearance of a beached whale. Atlantis presented within Petit Palais aims to salvage ideas of history making them legible at the surface, at the same time reflecting upon the past in conjunction with the present.
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