Lee Ufan

  • Lee Ufan

  • Lee Ufan - Petit Palais

    Relatum, 2016

    Steel, stone
    220 x 550 x 0.30 cm
    Presented by kamel mennour, Paris
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Lee Ufan was born in 1936 in South Korea. He lives and works between Paris and Japan.

    “Lee Ufan’s sculptures most often set up confrontations between two materials: steel plates and natural stone. They bear the generic term of Relatum, indicating that the work of art is not an independent and autonomous entity, but that it only exists in relation to the outside world. For Lee Ufan, the sculptor’s act consists of criticising the hyper-productivity of the contemporary world – in response to an evolution of art that opened up to industrial and readymade objects, after millennia of manmade objects. Lee Ufan has chosen to connect craft and lack of craft. He starts with the assumption that ‘seeing, choosing, borrowing or displacing are already part of the act of creation’. He links nature to the human conscience with a simple iron plate juxtaposed with a stone.”
    Alfred Pacquement
  • 2016 | On Site

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