Jimmie Durham

  • Jimmie Durham

  • Jimmie Durham

    El Salto, 2016

    Scaffolding, pump, hose, water, plastic kiddie pool, artificial turf, wood
    Variable dimensions
    Presented by Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Jimmie Durham was born in 1940 in the USA.

    “Ordinary objects often have much beauty; not only the beauty from their use but also an aesthetic beauty that we often ignore. These kinds of objects are not meant to be admired. I like to make things and am suspicious of simply pointing to existing things, of acting as if I were more sensitive than other people. I wanted to make a small waterfall on a scaffolding. I have done several works using these ubiquitous temporary structures and always want to do more.”
    Jimmie Durham (September 2016).

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