Guillaume Leblon

  • Guillaume Leblon

  • Guillaume Leblon - Petit Palais

    Lost Friend (chien), 2014, Lost Friend (cheval), 2014

    Plaster, fabric, metal
    94 x 85 x 45 cm
    Presented by Jocelyn Wolff, Paris
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Guillaume Leblon was born in 1971 in Lille. He lives and works in New York.

    Guillaume Leblon took imprints from animal models of a horse and a dog. Partial envelopes recalling the medieval caparison, these plaster “skins” emphasize the cavities, conferring a disembodied, ghostly character to these figures. The theme of the horse falls within a long iconographic tradition, inevitably reflecting the noble and hieratic character of equestrian statuary, but also the idea of a domesticated animal nature. As for the dog, it cannot be mounted, but it is “man’s best friend”, accompanying him on strolls. Captured in a moment of pause [...] they are on the lookout. The notion of domestication is reflected precisely in the absence of a rider and hence the absence of Humanity, which is accentuated in these sculptures.

    In the work of Guillaume Leblon, the notion of the stroll or ride is inseparable from the notion of landscape.
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