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  • Benoît Maire

  • Benoit Maire - Petit Palais

    Either / Or, 2015

    Okume wood, walnut stain, lacquer, marble, soap, knife, resin, clay, shell, peinutre oil, letraset hammer
    63 × 109,5 × 81 cm
    Presented by Thomas Bernard / Cortex Athletico, Paris
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Benoît Maire was born in 1978 in Pessac. He lives and works in Bordeaux.

    As an extension of Benoît Maire’s recent projects at the Kunstverein in Bielefeld, Germany, or at the Kunsthalle in Vienna, this proposition consists of several sculptures in different formats and materials. Here, sculpture is devised in terms of its various relationships: from hand to tool, from tool to matter and from matter to the conceptual statement. The statement in support of forms in Benoît Maire’s practice is manifested by a few words affixed in Letraset or scribbled onto plaster, marble or glass fragments, or onto ripening fruit. This original installation enables Benoît Maire to organise disjointed yet interrelated arrangements. The display devices for the sculptures include traditional white pedestals and tables designed by the artist. Sculptures made from inert or living materials and featuring designs of hands, measurements and written words are arranged on these various “platforms”.
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