Ange Leccia

  • Ange Leccia

  • Ange Leccia - Petit Palais

    Arrangement (Talisman), 2016

    Two Renault Talisman Energy dCi 130 version of Intensity, color Blue Cosmos
    146,3 x 969,6 x 186,9 cm
    Presented by Jousse Entreprise, Paris
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Joe Bradley est né en 1975. Il vit et travaille à New-York.

    As part of the first “On Site” event, the artist Ange Leccia is renewing a proposal in which two vehicles face each other. The model of car becomes a space-time marker and subtly confronts us with time passing, the development of technologies, and more generally of our society.

    These two cars face one another, nose to nose, with no driver in them, in a duel which prevents both of them from moving forward. With identical models and postures, the confrontation hijacks the function of the automobile, which here finds itself immobile, just there for us to look at; headlights on, the cars light each other up.

    With this minimalist work, the artist sheds light on individualistic behaviour. By playing with the mirror effect, he summons the idea of endless dialogues, preventing exchange and consideration of the other—and cleverly reveals the face of an egocentric society.
  • 2016 | On Site

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