Alain Bublex

  • Alain Bublex

  • Le Pavillon des Points de vue, 2015

    Mixed media
    542 x 283 x 336 cm
    Commande Defacto
    Presented by Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris
    Photo : Marc Domage

    Alain Bublex was born in 1961 in Lyon. He lives and works in Paris and elsewhere.

    How can a point of view be shaped, become a landscape?
    There are only two possible answers: either it is represented, or the point from which it could be represented is materialised. Isn’t the role of the belvedere – from the Italian meaning “beautiful view” – to provide an architectural form for this point where space is deployed as a landscape? Without it, there would literally be nothing to see: not only does it provide the opportunity for the deployment of the gaze, it conditions it. With Le Pavillon des points de vues it is precisely this experience that Alain Bublex stages and makes possible.

    A Defacto production, in association with the Galerie GP & N Vallois for its installation on the Pont Alexandre III, production by Eva Albarran & Co.
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