Gloria Friedmann

  • Gloria Friedmann

  • Gloria Friedmann. Photo : Marc Domage

    Attraction Fatale, 2007

    Résine, terre et acier
    2 élements : 250 cm x 100 cm x 60 cm et 185 cm x 75 cm x 84 cm
    Presented by Galerie Mitterrand, Paris
    Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

    Gloria Friedmann was born in Kronach, Germany, in 1950. She lives and works in Aignay-le-Duc, France.

    Made of steel covered in soil, this sculpture represents a man carrying a skeleton on his shoulders and a woman holding a sphere in her arms. Here, the artist raises issues of an environmental nature; the sphere recalling our planet and the use of soil are thus confronted with the representation of the man and woman. Owing to the presence of the skeleton evoking both the weight of an ill-fated past and a bad omen for the future, a sense of doom emanates from this installation,. Between metaphysical thinking and premonition, between real and supernatural, Gloria Friedmann relies on the symbolic value of the elements that she stages to produce dichotomies and question the evolution of humanity. This work is installed in a context where the environment and climate change are at the heart of political concerns.
  • 2016 | Tuileries Garden

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